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Are you attentive to your successful career as a skilled professional or manager? Do you leave nothing to chance?

If so, be and stay smart and choose one or more of our SMART PACKAGES and avail yourself of my expertise in employment law and human resources on the following issues:

We will review, correct and write a professional reference for you that is in compliance with the law. But not only that, because one of the main advantages of BE|LEGAL is that we can enter directly into out-of-court negotiations with your employer or assert your claims in court, if required. 

We speak and understand the language used in references, as well as that of your Human Resources department and managers.

Are you a professional or manager? If so, your reference is subject to particularly high requirements. Your manager's reference should contain some special features in terms of content, structure and scope. Do not simply leave your rights to chance!

We will review your target agreement and employment contract for you. Does your employer intend to terminate your employment, or have you already received your notice? We will check your written termination notice and your termination agreement and, if you require us to do so, we can also represent you in negotiations or at a tribunal.

We will also give you a clear recommendation on steps to take, as well as whether further action can be taken and to what extent. You needn't worry about anything else. Engage the services of BE|LEGAL and take advantage of one of our SMART packages.

Everything under one roof

Our advice and our communication will be provided individually and personally by phone, e-mail, Skype and via uploads. It will save you having to go to a law firm for a meeting.

Sometimes it is not enough just to know your rights. You also need a lawyer to enforce them for you. One of the main advantages of BE|LEGAL is that, depending on your particular circumstances or wishes, we can then enter directly into out-of-court negotiations with your employer or assert your claims in court. Everything under one roof! Saving you money and time.


Our fixed price quotation for reviewing, correcting or writing a work reference, employment contract, target agreement or termination is based upon our free initial estimate of your case and will be dependent on income and expenditure. If you wish to take up our fixed-price offer following our free initial estimate, we will process your case and send the results of our work to you by e-mail, or if you wish, by post as well.

If, depending on the circumstances or at your request, we have to enter into negotiations with you employer, write to them or take legal action against them, this will not be included in the fixed fee and we will assess the costs.

Notwithstanding that, we will draw up a free cover request to your legal expenses insurance provider on your behalf. If it agrees to cover all the expenses, our advice and any further assistance will be free of charge. Please read for more Information on "YOUR BENEFITS" and "INTERESTING FACTS":

Top quality

BE|LEGAL is your reliable and experienced partner in this and can advise you on the steps to take and accompany you as you take them. You will benefit from professional and competent legal advice, as well as practical support in all your affairs.

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