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Employee release


Does the real trouble start after someone has been given their notice? As a business owner, your time is precious. Avoid expensive mistakes and unwelcome, tedious disputes by seeking competent advice and support before and during the process of releasing an employee.

BE|LEGAL is your reliable and experienced partner in this and can advise you on the steps to take and accompany you as you take them. BE|LEGAL can save you time and money.

Employee recruitment
Fixed price
  • Employee recruitment:
  • Preparation of a job posting
  • Dealing with and select applications
  • Advice about salaries and benefits, explaining the salary package, as well as social security contributions and taxes in Germany
  • Drafting individual bilingual managing directors and employment contracts, tailored towards your specific requirements and in compliance with current laws
  • All under one roof
  • Transparency
  • Top quality
Employee organisation
Fixed price
  • Employee organisation:
  • Internal communication and intercultural management
  • Developing and introducing standard processes in human resources and adminstration, or analysing existing processes and improving them, where necessary
  • Development and improvement of new or revised company organisations and mangement structures
  • Target management and employee appraisals
  • All under one roof
  • Transparency
  • Top quality
Employee exits
Fixed price
  • Employee Exits:
  • Advice about notice/release as well as about the termination and mutual agreement, with or wiithout a redundancy payment
  • Design the bespoken termination letter and ,where necessary, the mutual agreement.
  • Support in holding a successful release meeting and actual processing
  • Design a bespoken release checklist and exit process guideline for your company
  • Defense against a possible appeal against termination
  • All under one roof
  • Transparency
  • Top quality
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