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Residence law and visa application

SMART PACKAGE Employment & human resources law

Are you planning to second employees to work in Germany? The regulations governing the residence and employment of your (future) employees depends on the country they come from and on their qualifications.

We can support and advise you and your (future) employees upon their arrival and during their stay.

BE|LEGAL is your reliable and experienced partner in residence law and visa applications and can advise you on the steps to take and accompany you as you take them. BE|LEGAL can save you time and money


Fixed price
  • Employment and personnel law:
  • Review and preparation of employment contracts, warnings, letters of notice, references, job descriptions, transfers, requests to work part-time and more
  • Design and implemntation of collective work conditions, such as working time and pay directives or regulations about company pension provision
  • Advice about social security law on subject of accident insurance ( trade association), compensation & benefit, payroll Accounting, social securtiy obilgations and bogus self-employment or Company Integration Management
  • All under one roof
  • Transparency
  • Top quality
Fixed price
  • HR compliance check:
  • Identifying the areas of compliance which you will have to examine closely, depending on the size and requirements of your business.
  • Review of your employment contracts, personnel files, Job descriptions, benefits, Company Agreements, Guidelines ect on the Basis of German laws, rregulations and practices.
  • Where necessary, the development, Adaptation nd implementation of human Resources documents and processes
  • Personal coaching and training for you and your senior staff in these area
  • All under one roof
  • Transparency
  • Top quality
Fixed price
  • Residence law & visa application:
  • Advice about employment visa regulation
  • Applying for a visa and residence permit
  • Close support and advice throughout the entire process, as well as communicating and dealing with the authorities
  • Preparation of a bilingula managing director´s or employment contract tailored towards your needs
  • Suppoert in expat-management
  • All under one roof
  • Transparency
  • Top quality


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